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What Happens During the Visit?

Mom and/or Dad should accompany baby to the frenectomy release appointment. Any other support people are also welcome to attend the appointment.


Dr. Bower will examine the baby and ask mom and any supporting family members some questions about how breast or bottle feeding is going.  These findings will allow Dr. Bower to determine if a lip and/or tongue tie is present and if a release is necessary. 


The family will have the opportunity to ask all of their questions and fully understand Dr. Bower's recommendation. 


If the family decides to move forward with the release procedure, in most cases, it can be done on the same day as the evaluation.  

If the visit is within the family home, Dr. Bower will determine the best place to perform the procedure within the home.  We will ensure that the area meets all OSHA requirements and will follow all laser safety practices.


Dr. Bower has a full compliment of mobile equipment, instruments and laser that ensure that the procedure is safe, effective and efficient when done during a house call.


Dr. Bower will work, together with your lactation consultant, to ensure that you have appropriate support after the procedure to ensure that the most optimum result possible for you and your baby is acheived.

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