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Tongue Release

Tongue release, or frenectomy, is done when the attachment of the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too tight in an area.  This causes the tongue to not be able to produce the ideal motion to extract milk. 


The "tie" can be all the way to the tip of the tongue, which is very easy to see, or it can be a "posterior tie", which is harder to see for most people.  The posterior tie does not allow the back of the tongue to rise towards the roof of the mouth to hold the breast or bottle or to efficiently extract milk.


Tongue Tie Symptoms for Baby:

  • Difficulty latching on or falls off the breast easily

  • Gumming or chewing the nipple while nursing

  • Unable to hold a paci or bottle

  • Gassy/Collicky (babies with ties often swallow a lot of air because they cannot maintain suction properly)

  • Poor weight gain

  • Baby is not able to fully drain breast

  • Choking on milk or popping off to gasp for air while nursing

  • Falling asleep during feedings, then waking a short while later to nurse again

  • Sleep deprivation (due to the need for frequent feedings)

  • Extended nursing episodes  – aka marathon nursing sessions

  • Clicking noises while sucking

  • Popping on and off breast often

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