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Our Approach

We perform laser lip and tongue-tie releases for newborns and babies throughout the Valley.  


Timeliness is important when evaluating and treating this condition.  We strive to see patients within the following 48 hours after the initial call.


Our laser is a superior approach to performing frenectomies when compared with hot diode lasers and scissors. Our CO2 laser gently ablates the attachment that is limiting adequate functional movement of the lip or tongue and minimizes any bleeding.   


It is important to have a supportive and complete approach when treating lip and tongue ties.  The baby and mom need to have support from a lactation consultant to ensure that proper latch and breastfeeding dynamics are practiced and learned to ensure a happy and satisfying breastfeeding relationship.  


We have a couple of options when providing treatment.  We have an office that is a traditional clinic setting.  We can provide consults and procedures in a traditional setting for those families that prefer this option.


We also have mobile practice capability and can come to the family's home to evaluate and, if necessary, treat the lip & tongue tie.  


Recognition and treatment of lip & tongue tie is vital to supporting and protecting the breastfeeding relationship.  The proper treatment and release affects the patient's health both now and into their future.

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