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Post Operative Stretches

General Guidelines:

  • Wash your hands before starting the stretches.

  • Stretches should be done every 4-6 hours after the release (even at night).

  • Stretching needs to be continued until the released area appears just like the rest of the mouth.

  • Make sure that you can see the areas that were released when you do the stretches.

Tongue Tie Release:

  • Place fingers on either side of the tongue and lift up towards the roof of the mouth as far as it will go. Hold it there for 1-2 seconds.

  • Pulse your finger on the very top of the diamond shaped release area 5 times with moderate pressure.

  • Run your finger along bottom gums side to side; the tongue will follow your finger.

Lip Tie Release:

  • Lift the upper lip towards the nostrils until it bumps into resistance. Hold it there for 1-2 seconds.

  • Glide your finger side to side in between the lip and gums, where the release was done, back and forth 2 times.

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